HIV and Unwanted Pregnancy: CRIPS-Togo NGOs raise awareness among students in schools.

Sociocultural, economic and community development is one of the challenges facing rising youth for the well-being of their country. It is only possible thanks to the concomitant action of several factors, including the health and well-being of the main players who are youth. However, it is often held back by illness and unwanted pregnancies that make it unproductive and vulnerable. This descent of the NGO CRIPS-Togo into schools aims to equip them to combat these scourges.

The general education colleges of Dzemekey, Kévé, aswell as well as the high schools of Assahoun and Badja were the schools visited by the NGO CRIPS-Togo on 19, 20, 21 and 22 March 2018 for mass awareness on early pregnancies, HIV/SiDA and STIs. The non-governmental organization also took the opportunity to provide voluntary HIV/AIDS counselling services, syndromic management of STI cases and to provide school-based contraceptive methods. These awarenesss were preceded in these localities by film screenings on early pregnancies.

HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and early pregnancies have a negative impact on community life in general and on the health of the girl in particular. For CRIPS-Togo Executive Director Dr AHO Komivi Mawusi Anthony "Youth is the rising force, the arm-wrestle of the country. Our action towards her will awaken her consciousness more so that she realizes the dangers to which she exposes herself by not adopting responsible behaviors. »

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