Our Mission

photo-ahoOur mission is to work alongside health authorities and other structures promoting social well-being, to create a community where the weight of life is considerably reduced and access to health care for poor populations quality is assured.

The aim is to contribute to improving the health status of the most vulnerable communities and hence socio-economic living conditions in order to contribute to the reduction of poverty in these communities. More specifically:

  • combating STIs/HIV/AIDS as well as opportunistic diseases;
  • help orphans, widows and widowers affected and/or infected with STIs/HIV/AIDS;
  • Combating diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Enabling mostly rural populations to have access to safe drinking water;
  • contribute to the better health of underprivileged children;
  • Getting basic populations to access primary health care;
  • promoting a woman's reproductive health
  • promote sanitation and hygiene in all its forms in grassroots communities;
  • identify and act on the determinants of health that are the source of the
  • health problems.
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