REPRODUCTION HEALTH: Parents of students in the prefecture of Avé called to work.

Better living and growing well, this is what teachers of schools strive to give the child the foundation necessary for his success and his place in the working life. In the course to reach adulthood, adolescence is a sensitive period that determines the child's day after life. A rather hectic period where sometimes the good values instilled are questioned by the child. At this time, it is necessary to the combined action of the faculty and that of the parents for a good supervision of the child both in academic structures and in families. To do this, the NGO CRIPS-Togo has gathered the parents of the said prefecture at the Prefectural Hospital Centre to give them the necessary elements to carry out the mission expected of them.

Generaland and basic notions of reproductive sexual health, possible risks in adolescents and young people, roles of parents in the education of children's sexuality are the main themes developed for 20 parents of pupils gathered at this workshop this March 10, 2018 . Coming from the Parents' Associations and the School Resource Management Committee of the ave prefecture's colleges and high schools, the twenty or so participants in this workshop were imbued with the importance of children's sex education while at the same time providing basic sings to enable them to provide more support to teachers in their sexual education mentoring of children.

As the task of them is delicate, it is essential to strengthen parents' capacity in sex education. they had to address the anatomy of the genital tract of man and woman, the menstrual cycle, early pregnancies, contraceptive methods among others and the highlight was the theme on the roles of parents in sex education.

CRIPS-Togo intervenes in 15 schools in the prefecture of the AVE on the PROJECT CONTINUATION OF INTEGRATED SERVICES OF STIs/HIV/PF AND SEXUAL HEALTH OF REPRODUCTION TO THE 25 YEARS IN the HEALTH DISTRICT OF The AVE. This is the day's workshop organized with financial support from the French NGO SOLIDARITÉ AIDS.


Parents have been instilled with a variety of tips, including a strong friendship between their child and their children to better understand and explain the process of adolescence and puberty to their children. Their role will also be to guide their children on the right path so that they pass through the sensitive period of adolescence without much damage.

At the end of the workshop, the participants did not fail to welcome the initiative taken by CRIPS-Togo and its partner. They promised from the moment they returned to their communities to raise awareness among their peers, for a change in behaviour and mentality in order to better supervise their children.

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