CRIPS-TOGO and other Organizations and Civil Society at ADAMA School 2

Three days to build the capacity of members of Togo's Civil Health Society Organizations. This was during a workshop held from 6 to September 2018 at the cash register relay in Lomé, work in which CRIPS-TOGO took an active part through its administrative manager.

This workshop is the brainchild of the ADAMA project, an advocacy project for health human resources as part of the reinvestment initiative of 20% of glaxoSmithKline Corporation's (GSK) profits. The second phase of the project, launched in Lomé on 26 May 2016, aims to strengthen the capacity of health actors in the field of advocacy, health personnel management and the human resources information and management system.

The workshop brought together twenty-five (25) members of Togo's civil society organizations (CSOs), officials from the Ministry of Health and members of the ADAMA 2 project team in Togo. The overall objectives were to build the capacity of these health actors in Togo in the field of advocacy and to share the experiences and knowledge of the field in the field of advocacy. participants mastered the concept of advocacy and its neighbouring concepts, understood the specifics and interest of advocacy for health human resources, and identified the process of designing and implementing an advocacy strategy.

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