For more effective monitoring of PHAs, SIDACTION provides more tools to its partners in Cotonou

Five days of workshops on 27 or 31 August 2018 to strengthen the care and support of PHAs, SIDACTION brings together its partners in West Africa and the centre for a synergy of action according to international standards.

It is a capacity-building workshop in the field of adolescent care and psycho-social support. It will:

  • Define the essential aspects of adolescent medical care
  • Describe the psychological support of adolescents
  • Explain the principles of nutritional management in adolescents
  •  Explain the delivery of appropriate sexual and reproductive health services to adolescents and girls living with HIV.

This activity is part of the "Training and Empowerment for Enhanced Support for Adolescents and Girls Infected or Affected by HIV" carried out by ANSS in partnership with SIDACTION and under the funding of Expertise France .

CRIPS-TOGO is actively participating in this international meeting in Cotonou, Benin.

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