Prefecture of Ave without unwanted pregnancies, CRIPS TOGO deploys to the task.

An out-of-school campaign to combat pregnancy, CRIPS-TOGO and its partners have been organising a 3-day campaign to combat the scourge in the AVE prefecture since Monday.

Monday, August 20, 2018 at the Badja Social Affairs, Tuesday, August 21 in Assahoun in the youth home and this Wednesday, August 22 in Kévé in the house of the chief canton, CRIPS TOGO sensitized apprentices, tailors, seamstresses and all the population of these localities against unwanted pregnancies that are a real obstacle to the development of a locality.


In keeping with its great mission to help people's well-being and fight HIV, the NGO CRIPS TOGO, through this activity aims to create good practices among the populations that are essential to their development.

On Tuesday, on the second day of the campaign, 40 people benefited from the Council and Voluntary Screening, including 30 women. 18 cases of sexually transmitted infections were treated with a distribution of 288 male condoms. During these two days, planning methods were also offered to the population.

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