Fighting after-school pregnancies: CRIPS-TOGO is organising a three-day campaign in Avé.

End of the campaign on Wednesday <Ave sans="" grossesses="" en="" milieu="" extrascolaire="">in the prefecture of Ave.</Ave> An initiative of the NGO CRIPS-TOGO to offer better conditions of development to young people in the prefecture's extracurricular environments.

In three days, 85 people benefited from Voluntary Screening Council, including 60 women. the CRIPS-TOGO AVE team managed 47 cases of sexually transmitted infections and distributed 908 male condoms and about 60 femidoms.
Outreach activities have been taking place in the locality since Monday, August 20, 2018 with the assistance of the Acting Prefectural Director of Health Mr. ADAM Kaderou.


After-school pregnancies are a real trap for the advancement of a community, CRIPS-Togo wanted through this campaign to raise awareness of STIs, and the harms of unwanted pregnancies on the individual. first and then the community. With the support of UNFPA TOGO through the platform of the Organizations of the Civil Society, CRIPS-Togo works in the prefecture of Ave and the commune of Lomé to safeguard the health of populations including the care and support of PHAs, the fight Against STDs in all its forms.

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