For best results: CRIPS-Togo staff at the school on THE Prevention of BURN OUT.

The Burn Out Professional Exhaustion

Burn Out or burnout is, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), "a feeling of intense fatigue, loss of control and inability to achieve concrete results at work." This phenomenon, although latent, is a real danger to a society that can lead it to throw away the keys.

CRIPS-TOGO managers in partnership with SIDACTION, as a good manager, organize a monthly activity for NGO staff to prevent stress in the workplace. During these activities, the CRIPS-TOGO psychologist interviews all the officers in turn.  Friday, June 22, 2018 was another opportunity for NGO staff to gather around their psychologist. to assess the service and services provided, a technique has been developed to identify weaknesses and strengths. It consisted of the granting of a yellow card to the person deemed to have behaviours to improve, a green card to assess if all is well.

This atmosphere of good child allowed the agents to forget in a few moments the daily life and to let off steam to get full of energy. <lêguêdè>The other technique used to gauge the overall operation of the NGO was also the other technique used to gauge the overall operation of the NGO.</lêguêdè> The first step was to report the positive points that are taking place in the service and secondly to denounce the shortcomings and defects and finally to propose actions to achieve good results.


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