CROSS TO STIs AND PRECOCES GROSSESSES: Students called to a responsible sex life.

At the Yopé-Tsiviépé College of General Education we also had an awareness session with the students of that school on early pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and HIV AIDS.

We have talked them about the risks they face by engaging in a young sex life, the likely implications and irreparable consequences that often happen, including dropping out of school. Abstinence must be their key word for success in their studies in order to honor their parents who dig heaven and earth to guarantee them a bright and certain future. Also they have all the time available after their studies to engage in sexual practices.

Abstinence is an indelible weapon against STIs and early pregnancies has hammered them the executive director of CRIPS Togo NGOs, Dr. AHO Anthony. To those who cannot adopt it, the Director strongly recommended the wearing and proper use of condoms, the only guarantee of their good sexual health.

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