World Toilet Day is celebrated every 19 November, this year's occasion for CRIPS-TOGO, supported by the head of the USP Noah to organize an awareness on hygiene in Noah.

Aguoromé, a district of the Canton of Noépé, was the place chosen for this mass awareness of hygiene. The participants, about thirty, were interviewed on the importance of toilets, hand washing, food hygiene, cleanliving.

The slogan for this year's celebration is "WHEN THE NATURE YOU APPELLE" calls on people to build toilets and sanitation facilities that are in harmony with our environment. According to the WHO, home toilets save the family from illness and time lost throughout the working day or even school. CRIPS-TOGO, based in Noépé outside Lomé, has thus intensified by this awareness its environmental protection action in its area of activity.

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